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PID Control System for extrusion

PID Control System for extrusion

PID control system

PID-Control-System-for-extrusion.jpgPID Control System for extrusion.pdf

Batte melt pump PID system using PID digital instrument + variable frequency control mode, the pressure flow; automatic control; temperature, speed, meet the users need higher.
The system with pressure and temperature, flow control instrument and complete, the outlet and inlet pressure sensor, transducer. Continuous monitoring of process values Flow Control; Start-up and shutdown automatically.

  S seres control system is designed with PID control mode which is equipped with HM interface and can be operated by users under automatic and mannal control modes.

  2 Closed-loop pressure controls

  Top and bottom limitation pressure alarm

  3 separate temperature controls

  Flow Control

  Start-up and shutdown automatically

  Human-machine interface

  Continuous monitoring of the process values

PID-Control-System-for-extrusion.jpgPID Control System for extrusion.pdf

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