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Liquid loss in weight feeder

Liquid feeder

Liquid-loss-in-weight-feeder.jpgLiquid loss in weight feeder.pdf

Application of Liquid feeder:

Liquid loss in weight feeder are most frequently applied in continuous processes, such as feeding a compounding extruder where difficult flowing liquids must be metered at precise feed rates.  These liquids are often waxy or viscous and must be heated to flow properly 

Characteristics of Liquid feeder:

◆ Batte liquid feeding systems brings high-accuracy weighing technology to its value-priced gravimetric liquid feeders. 

◆ The sophisticated load cell provides split-second, 

◆ High precision weighing in the milligram range and is specially 

◆ Designed for harsh industrial environments.

◆ High Accuracy Gravimetric Control

Feeding range of Liquid feeder:



Insulation system can control temperature uniforml 

Liquid-loss-in-weight-feeder.jpgLiquid loss in weight feeder.pdf

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