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Volume feeding machine

Volume feeder

Volume-feeder.jpgVolume feeder.pdf

Application of Volume feeder: 

Volume feeder is suitable for granule, pill material, poor liquidity powder, small sheet, and ensure the uniform and continuous feeding. 

Features of Volumetric feeders: 

◆ This feeding machine is easy to control, and has high intelligence program. 

◆ You can choose different screw according with the different material to solve feed blocking. 

◆ Beautiful appearance, and the rolled steel contacting with material is 304 stainless steel.

◆ Easy to disassembly and maintain.

◆ The feeding accuracy can be controled to ±1% in any case.

◆ Reduce labor strength and increase labor efficiency, inprove efficiency.


Structure of Volumetric screw feeders: 


Parameters of Volume screw feeder:

Single screw Volume feeding machine:

Type  Screw  specification Capacity  (L/H) Driving  power (kw) Hopper  (optional)
BAT-VF-SS28 28 10-100 1.1 40-80
BAT-VF-SS38 38 30-300 1.5 40-100
BAT-VF-SS46 46 40-400 1.5 40-120
BAT-VF-SS64 64 50-500 1.5 40-150
Notes: The feeding capacity and accuracy will be affected by different materials.  
Twin screw Volume feeder:
Type  Screw  specification Capacity  (L/H) Driving  power (kw) Hopper  (optional)
BAT-VF-TS28 28 10-200 1.1 40-80
BAT-VF-TS38 38 30-400 1.1 40-100
BAT-VF-TS46 46 50-800 1.5 40-120
BAT-VF-TS64 64 60-1200 2.2 40-150
Notes: The feeding capacity and accuracy will be affected by different materials. 

 Volume-feeder.jpgVolume feeder.pdf

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