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Melt pump control system

The S series control system is our company according to the characteristics of melt pump work, specifically the development of a new generation of PLC control system. Industry standard leader, reduce maintenance requirements.
Mainly divided into: S60 control system
The S20 control system
S10 melt pump control system
Melt pump drive system is divided into: variable frequency drive mode: energy saving, consumption reduction. To reduce the power capacity requirements. To reduce costs, optimize the driving scheme. Servo drive system model; there are high precision, high speed. The dynamic response of high and low speed high torque, quick pressure follow technology etc..
His company has in the history of the development of melt pump on the development by leaps and bounds, melt pump injection molding machine manufacturers, more sheet, pipe, plastic manufacturers to provide quality services. Melt pump in the pump industry company overview of the overall situation, to win the world. Customer first Honesty: honesty, quality for the letter. In order to internal and external customers as the guide, dedicated to provide customers the best quality service. Realize a win-win situation with customers; customers to experience the high quality products at the same time reflects our quality. And strive to exceed customer expectations, to better provide customers with first-class products and services.
Melt pump is mainly used for conveying high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt, pressure, measurement. High temperature melt pressure and melt pump from the extruder, voltage stability after wandering into the extrusion die. The stability of the melt pressure, flow capacity is better than that of the various types of extruder. Widely used in plastics extrusion molding, resin, rubber products. Such as: granulation, film, pipe, plate, sheet etc.. With the development of machinery industry, the melt pump in the domestic market has gradually been adopted by the industry, application. The company has a professional team of teachers, and professional sales staff, has a unique experience in the business field. Melt pump models: 0.4cc1cc 2cc 5cc10cc 20cc 31.5cc 50cc 100cc 200cc 250cc 315cc 500cc 800cc 1200cc

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