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Single screw gravimetric dosing feeder

  • Single screw gravimetric dosing feeder

Name: Single screw gravimetric dosing feeder
Category: Feeding system
Introduction:Single screw gravimetric dosing feeder is suitable for all kinds of powder granule, pill shaped material, poor liquidity, smaller sheet, can guarantee...
Manufacturer: BATTE Machinery China

Application of Gravimetric Feeder:

With high accuracy, gravimetric feeder can totally satisfy the fields of pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food, plastic and rubber and so on. Configurable options can meet factories’ demand in hygiene, explosion-proof, water proof, corrosion environments and other regulation demands.

Single screw feeder

loss in weight feeder

Characteristics of Gravimetric Dosing Feeder:

◆ High feeding accuracy: Batte adds self-detection function when designing its feeders for more accuracy, it allows to detect attritions of parts and frequency variation timely, then revise them. So the feeder will not affect the feeding precision because a little change of the machine.
◆ The touch screen output and input system is humanized and easy to operate. As long as the operate has certain cultural foundation, he can master it within minutes. So short time training is ok.
◆ Wide measuring range: without replacement of parts, you can set wide range flow and realize the conversion of produce process smoothly.
◆ Excellent control system: one control system can control mult-feeders according to clients’ requirements. This won’t affect the accuracy.
◆ Batte gravimetric dosing feeders can satisfy the production requirements of masses of customers. With the independent research of kinds weighing chips, the feeding accuracy has been improved from ±0.5% to ±0.2%. The combination between single-chip and PLC control overcomes the problems such as scalability of single-chip control is not strong and precision of PLC operation is not stable. The weightlessness metering feeders’ operation resolution can be ten millionth, two millionth for weightlessness feeders which can meet customers’ high feeding accuracy.

Structure of Gravimetric Feeding System:


Parameters of Gravimetric Feeder:

Type  Screw 
BAT-LF-SS28 28 10-100 1.1 40-80 ±0.5%
BAT-LF-SS38 38 30-300 1.1 40-100 ±0.5%
BAT-LF-SS46 46 40-400 1.5 40-120 ±0.5%
BAT-LF-SS64 64 50-500 1.5 40-150 ±0.5%

Parameters of Gravimetric Dosing Feeder:

Type  Screw 
BAT-MF-SS28 28 10-100 1.1 40-80 ±0.2%
BAT-MF-SS38 38 30-300 1.1 40-100 ±0.2%
BAT-MF-SS46 46 40-400 1.5 40-120 ±0.2%
BAT-MF-SS64 64 50-500 2.2 40-150 ±0.2%

Notes: The feeding capacity and accuracy will be affected by different materials.

Single-screw-gravimetric-dosing-feeder.jpgSingle screw gravimetric dosing feeder.pdf

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