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Automatic mesh belt continuous screen changer

  • Automatic mesh belt continuous screen changer

Name: Automatic mesh belt continuous screen changer
Category: Screen changer(Hydraulic Power Units)
Introduction:Automatic mesh belt continuous screen changer is consisted of screen changer body, heating/cooling system, electric control system, etc. ...
Manufacturer: BATTE Machinery China

Introduction of continuous screen changer belt:

BATTE belt screen changer is designed to be used for blown & cast film extrusion, blow molding extrusion, sheet extrusion, film extrusion, compounding extrusion, etc. Automatic belt screen changer is fully automatic screen filters for production lines.

melt blown filer continuous screen changer

continuous screen changer belt

online screen changer for extruder

Features of screen changers continuous filters:

◆ mesh belt screen changer for extruder is consisted of screen changer body, heating/cooling system, electric control system, etc.
◆ The control system can control filtration time and speed automatically.
◆ This series screen changer is fully automatic and continuous.
◆ Excellent output stability, product has no deformation, quality stability.
◆ There is no waster or scrap during whole production, low material consumption.
◆ The filter length can be customized range from 10mm to 20mm, and can be used continuously for 2-6 months.
◆ It’s suitable for plastic polymer, such as PP, PE, ABS, PS, etc.

Zhengzhou BATTE chinaplas

zhengzhou batte melt pump chinaplas

 Applications of Continuous belt screen changer:

◆ Blown & cast film 
◆ Sheet
◆ Compounding 
◆ Pipe 
◆ Tubing 
◆ Profile
◆ Multi-layer extrusion

Structure of Continuous screen changer for plastic:


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Parameters of Mesh belt continuous screen changer:


Type Capacity  (kg/h) Dimension (mm) Screen size Heater
L1 L2 L3 Width (mm) Area (cm²) Voltage (v) Power  (KW)
ZB-ACB-75 75-200 160 170 560 75 38 230/400 5.4
ZB-ACB-90 100-290 160 210 580 90 64 230/400 6.7
ZB-ACB-100 130-350 160 210 605 100 78 230/400 6.7
ZB-ACB-120 180-450 160 230 645 120


230/400 7.5
ZB-ACB-160 350-800 200 300 700 150 176 230/400 13.5
ZB-ACB-180 450-1200 200 320 760 180 254 230/400 14.5


1. The capacity will be affected by the fluidity, filter fineness and purity of materials. 

2. Voltage can be customized

Zhengzhou BATTE melt pump factory

batte melt pump part of the processing equipment in the workshop

batte melt pump part of the processing equipment in the workshop

Zhengzhou Batte Melt Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of melt pumps, screen changers and feeders integrating R&D and production. Located in the University Science and Technology Park of Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, it relies on the scientific research strength of domestic universities and combines European advanced technology and quality control concepts to integrate production, learning and research. Especially in the application technology of recycling plastic screen changer has accumulated rich experience. Continuous in-depth research on the working principle, performance optimization, equipment structure optimization, control technology and other aspects of the melt pump has achieved considerable results, and has been recognized and praised by the vast majority of users in the industry.

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