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Multi-component loss in weight feeder

  • Multi-component loss in weight feeder

Name: Multi-component loss in weight feeder
Category: Feeding system
Introduction:Multi-component loss in weight feeder belongs to static weighing metering, and it is suitable for intermittent feeding or single-pass feeding....
Manufacturer: BATTE Machinery China

Application of Multi-component loss in weight feeder:

This multi-component loss in weight feeder belongs to static weighing metering, and it is suitable for intermittent feeding or single-pass feeding. Multi-component feeder is mainly used for the following material:
◆ Granules, diffluent powder.
◆ Regular and uniform granular material
◆ Strict with the material.
In other words, multi-component feeders is not suitable for powder and poor liquidity materials, because it has an bad affect on the environment when the material is powder.

Multi-component loss in weight feeder

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Characteristics of Multi-component feeder:

◆ Wide range of application, suitable for plastic granules, power, calcium carbonate, talcum powder, resin membrane powder, flour, starch and so on.
◆ Convenient assembly and disassembly, easy to clean up.
◆ Technical strength, German original technical equipment, performance pre-sales guidance service.
◆ Stable discharging performance, high precision, wide range of output capacity.
◆ The static accuracy of loo-in-wight can reach 0.1%, repetitive dynamic accuracy can reach 0.3%.
◆ The control instrument of weight loss scale choose RWC-800CF, high precision, high anti-interference performance and more real-time.
◆ Sensor chooses Ronan high precision strain-gauge, aser seal welding has advantages of high precision and good reliability. Suitable for bad conditions.
◆ Flexible control system: this system can achieve manual & automatic control feeding, material makeup. Free changeover between manual mode and automatic mode.

Structure of Multi-component gravimetric feeders:


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Parameters of Multi-component feeder:

Type Feeding Rate Feeding Accuracy
Blending Motor 
Internal Resolution 
of Weighing Chip
BAT-LF-2 100-1000L/H more or less 0.5% 0.75 KW 1/2 million
BAT-LF-3 150-1500L/H more or less 0.5% 0.75 KW 1/2 million
BAT-LF-4 200-2000L/H more or less 0.5% 0.75 KW 1/2 million
BAT-LF-5 250-2500L/H more or less 0.5% 0.75 KW 1/2 million
BAT-LF-6 300-3000L/H more or less 0.5% 0.75 KW 1/2 million
BAT-LF-7 350-3500L/H more or less 0.5% 0.75 KW 1/2 million

Notes: The feeding capacity and accuracy will be affected by different materials. 

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