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Micro loss in weight metering feeder

  • Micro loss in weight metering feeder

Name: Micro loss in weight metering feeder
Category: Feeding system
Introduction:Micro weight-loss metering feeder,suitable for all kinds of powder granule, pill shaped material, poor liquidity, sheet is smaller, can guarantee the ...
Manufacturer: BATTE Machinery China

Application of Micro Loss in Weight Feeder:

Micro loss in weight feeder is mainly suitable for granule and powder, and ensure the uniform and continuous feeding. 

Micro metering feeder

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Features of Trace Weight Feeder:

◆ This feeding machine is easy to control, and has high intelligence program.
◆ You can choose different screw according with the different material to solve feed blocking.
◆ Beautiful appearance, and the rolled steel contacting with material is 304 stainless steel.
◆ Easy to disassembly and maintain.
◆ The feeding accuracy can be controled to ±1% in any case.
◆ Reduce labor strength and increase labor efficiency, inprove efficiency.

Structure of Micro Metering Feeder:


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Parameters of Micro Loss in Weight Metering Feeder:

Type  Capacity (L/H) Feeding materials Accuracy Divien system
BAT-MF-TS10 2-8 Pellet,powder,fibrous materials ±0.5% Servo motor

Notes: The feeding capacity and accuracy will be affected by different materials.

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Micro-loss-in-weight-metering-feeder.jpgMicro loss in weight metering feeder.pdf

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