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Installation matters of automatic net changer for fishing net drawing

The special screen changer for fishing nets provided by Zhengzhou Batte is a mesh belt type automatic screen changer. It can be said to be a long filtration time, high filtration accuracy, automatic screen change, no manual operation, and automatic continuous netting. Work and reduce costs. It is installed between the barrel flange and the connecting flange of the filter element. The filter element type at the back is generally reserved, or the filter element filter can be removed, and a right-angle flow channel flange behind the screen changer is connected to the spinneret. That is, it is generally recommended to keep the original filter on the spinneret after installing the screen changer, and do not remove it. The purpose is to prevent individual fine impurities from breaking through the filter screen of the screen changer.

mesh belt hydraulic screen changer

The filtration accuracy of fishing net wire production is relatively high, and the filter of the mesh belt type automatic walking net changer is a mat-type contrast net, and the woven method of the hole is different from the plain weave net, so the single-layer mat-type net cannot achieve the corresponding Filtering precision process requirements, so it is recommended to use the Batte double mesh belt automatic screen changer to meet the process requirements of fishing net wire production.

The hydraulic belt screen changer filter is also suitable for PP, PE, ABS, PS, PVC, EDPM and other plastic melt raw materials, and is widely used in cast films, films, sheets, plates, optical fibers, various drawing, granulation and other high-quality , Long-process product production.

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