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Why regularly clean the melt pump?

In order to effectively prolong the service time of the melt pump, we must clean it regularly after use. It is necessary to inject clean water into the pump, turn on the power according to the usual steps, wait for the heating and outflow of water, and then carry out the shutdown procedure. And what are the benefits of doing so? Next, Bart melt pump manufacturer will explain to you one by one.

melt pump design

What are the benefits of doing so?

1. Clean internal impurities, ensure internal cleanliness, improve equipment operation efficiency and reduce wear.

2. Avoid overlapping the materials not used up last time and the materials processed next time, and extrude mixed materials.

3. Some materials have high melting points and some materials have low melting points. Mixing heating may lead to deformation and damage of extruded materials, thus reducing the yield.

The fourth step is to maintain the melt pump frequently to greatly improve the service life.

4. Maintain the melt pump frequently to greatly improve the service life.

melt pump assembly

How should cleaning and drying work be done in place? The pressure sensor of the melt pump must be removed before cleaning to avoid damage to the vibration film of the sensor. At the same time, remember to wipe it with a soft cloth that will not cause wear. After cleaning, it should be dry, because the sensor does not have the function of waterproof, and the humid environment is not conducive to the operation of the equipment. Based on this, when selecting the sensor of melt pump, it is necessary to decide whether to choose a special sensor with good waterproof according to the working environment.

Cleaning steps of polymer melt pump:

1. Carefully remove the pump from the equipment and put it into the vacuum heating furnace to raise the temperature slowly for two hours to 400 ℃ - 450 ℃. The temperature should not be overheated, otherwise it is easy to reduce the hardness of the pump body material and affect the stability of the pump body size.

2. In the process of heating up, dissolve and discharge the residual materials. Screw out the bolts of the sealing gland and the front and rear cover plates in turn. Remember the position and direction of all removed parts and components and return them to their original positions during installation. When taking out the gear, due to the adhesion of residual solid materials, do not damage the edges and corners of the gear and bearing by knocking with a hard object, but gently knock it out with a plastic or soft copper hammer.

3. After the disassembly of the melt pump, the gear and seal components taken out should be placed on a clean table, and the components should be cleaned first with compressed air or clean cotton cloth. And carefully check all parts for wear, cracks, burrs and scratches. The attachments on the surface can be gently polished with 600 abrasive paper. During grinding, the gear, middle plate and D-type bearing shall be measured carefully. Do not remove their metal or grind them. Otherwise, its metering function will be affected.

4. After all parts are polished, clean them with trichloroethane or vinyl chloride solvent and wipe them with cotton cloth. Do not use paper towels because there may be paper scraps or impurities stuck on the parts. Installation can be carried out after cleaning.

melt gear pump

After the parts of the melt pump (driving gear, driven gear, shaft sleeve and front and rear cover plates) are cleaned, the bolts of the front and rear cover plates shall be tightened in turn in strict accordance with the diagonal principle during installation, and the shaft can rotate freely all the time. If there is any jamming, do not forcibly assemble or rotate the pump. If the assembly is correct, all parts should be easy to install and the pump shaft should rotate easily.  melt gear pump manufacturer

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