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The hot-selling single plate double station hydraulic screen changer is introduced in detail

The single plate screen changer is also known as the plate type quick screen changer. It has fast screen changing action, no material leakage and wear resistance. The accumulator provides hydraulic screen changing power. It takes only 0.5-1s from the first working position to the second working position. Quick screen change, uninterrupted material flow, automatic compensation and sealing, no material leakage, high pressure resistance, large filtration area, simple operation, less screen change waste, convenient and quick screen change, and no stop to replace the filter screen. It is a universal supporting screen changer for granulation, film blowing, pipe, plate, sheet and other production equipment.

single plate screen changer extruders

The single plate fast two station hydraulic screen changer is widely used, mainly applicable to the following eight fields:

1. Suitable for the production of granulated products (PP, PE, pet, PA and other polymer materials);
2. Pipe production (PE / PP / PPR and other water supply pipes, corrugated pipes, winding pipes, gas pipes and other plastic pipes);
3. Film production (PET CPE BOPP PE HDPE);
4. Production of plates and sheets (PP PET);
5. Production of packing belt (PP PET material);
6. Production of hollow products;
7. Production of sealants and adhesives;
8. Impurity filtration in the production of various chemical solvents.

screen changer for plastic extrusion

The structure diagram of single plate quick hydraulic screen changer is as follows:

hydraulic quick screen changer

1. Oil cylinder; 2. Front cover; 3. Lifting ring; 4. Power interface; 5. Temperature measuring port; 6. Pressure tap; 7. Subject; 8. Rear cover; 9. Handle; 10. Reciprocating plate; 11. Net block; 12. 13. Oil nozzle

plastic extruder hydraulic screen changer

When the temperature is around 300 ℃, it does not affect the service performance, and can realize rapid network change without shutdown. It is an indispensable supporting equipment in the extrusion production line of plastic sheet, plate, film, pipe, granulation, etc. Common configuration: screen changer body (including oil cylinder and heating pipe) + hydraulic station + electric control box (optional)

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