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What are the advantages of the improved melt metering pump mounting frame?

The improved melt metering pump mounting frame of Zhengzhou Bart can install the melt metering pump well, and it is easy to install and disassemble. It also makes the connection and disassembly between the melt metering pump and the extruder more convenient, and the structural design is reasonable. The main advantages are shown in the following four aspects:

polymer melt pump

1. The rotary drive device is fixed on the underframe, the pump body is fixed on the top plate, and the universal shaft connector passes through the escape hole on the top plate. The structure of the melt metering pump mounting frame is reasonable, which can support and fix the melt metering pump well, and it is easy to install and disassemble, as well as to connect and disassemble the melt metering pump and the extruder.

2. There is also a distance adjustment mechanism between the support frame and the top plate, which can adjust the height of the top plate by rotating the adjustment bolt, so that the whole melt metering pump mounting frame can better adapt to the melt metering pump, and thus the whole melt metering pump can work stably.

melt metering pump

3. The universal shaft connector is in a rotating state when it is working. If the materials of the extruder enter the rotating universal shaft connector, it will be very dangerous and have potential safety hazards; The new melt metering pump mounting bracket provided by Zhengzhou Bart prevents materials from contacting with the universal shaft connector through the protective cover, thus ensuring personal safety.

4. When the melt metering pump is disconnected from the extruder, there are still materials in the extruder. A protective plate is set above the rotary drive device. The protective plate can effectively prevent materials from falling onto the rotary drive device, protect the rotary drive device, effectively prevent damage to the rotary drive device, and avoid the trouble of cleaning the rotary drive device.

melt pump in extruder

Heating mode of Zhengzhou batte melt gear pump: heat medium heating, electric heating, no heating; Various viscosity ranges: 0.1MPa. S to 40000000mpa. S; Wide temperature range: - 40 ℃ to 350 ℃; Wide pressure range: - 0.1MPa to 35MPa. At the same time, the company provides melt gear pumps with complete specifications: from 1cc / R to 12000cc / R. Welcome to consult:

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