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Explanation of some common problems in installation and commissioning of melt pump

The sealing method of the extruder gear melt pump is double sealing of screw and filler. When the product leaves the factory, the sealing gland is not tightened, which is convenient for the lubrication of materials entering the screw during the test run. When the materials are discharged from the shaft end during the heating test run, the gland bolts can be tightened, and the bolts should be tightened in a diagonal order. Note that the gland should not be biased. (It is better to have slight seepage, which can improve the service life of packing).

polymer melt metering pump

For the polymer melt pump in the form of packing seal, after a period of operation, the position of the sealing gland should be adjusted in time to ensure a good sealing state. For the pump with spiral seal, if cooling water auxiliary seal is required, 1/8 or 1/4NPT joint shall be installed on the spiral seal assembly, and then the water source shall be connected. For pumps with small displacement, do not let the cooling water affect the heating of the pump body.

pump melt gear pump for plastic extruder

During the installation of the melt gear pump, the direction of the arrow on the cover plate of the melt pump is the direction of the material flow, and the arrow points to the mold during the installation. During operation, the melt pump shaft rotates clockwise (facing the pump driving shaft, clockwise rotation, i.e. the direction of the arrow). The universal coupling must be used for the connection between the gear melt pump and the drive, and it must be horizontal and vertical enough. Otherwise, the pump may lock up, or the spline/flat key or even the shaft end may be worn. The after-sales service caused by the installation problem is not covered by the warranty.

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