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Application of melt gear pump in polymer reaction process

The polymer melt pump used in the polymer reaction process is generally large in size, and is mainly used for the transportation of high temperature and high viscosity polymer melts, such as resins, chemical fibers, rubber, degradable materials and other industries. It is generally installed at the lower part of the reactor to make a feed pump. Or it can transport medium and high viscosity media in the vacuum reactor. The large flange design at the suction inlet can enable the smooth suction of high viscosity media under vacuum conditions, and can complete the transmission and pressurization of polymer materials under vacuum reaction conditions. The application conditions of gear pump for polymer reaction process are as follows:

reactor kettle melt pump

1. Wide pressure range: applicable from low pressure (vacuum - 0.1 MPa) to high pressure (40 MPa); The melt gear pump has self-priming performance and can be vacuum fed;

2. Extremely wide applicable viscosity range: 0.1mPa. s~40000Pa. s, especially suitable for conveying high viscosity melt;

3. Wide temperature range: low temperature - 50 ℃~high temperature 350 ℃;

4. Optional heating mode: heating with heat medium (liquid phase heat medium/vapor phase heat medium, electric heating, no heating);

5. Optional rotational displacement: 5~20000cc/r.

polymer melt pump

Zhengzhou Batte has been committed to the development and production of melt gear pumps for more than ten years, and has rich practical application experience in various polymer production devices. For materials with different properties and different working conditions, our company can provide different series of melt pump products to meet the requirements of the user's production process. The polymer melt gear pump has the characteristics of precise structure, high precision, small pressure flow pulsation (near linear output of flow can be achieved), good stability and long service life.

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