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The composition and principle of the loss in weight feeder

Loss in weight feeder is composed of a hopper, feeder (single, double screw feeder), weighing system and regulator, in operation, the material hopper, feeder and common continuous weighing. With the material sent, to measure the true rate of weight loss, and compared it with the required weight loss rate (set value) compared. Weight loss feeder automatic correction through the mediation of feeder speed deviation from set point. It can even accurately and continuously feeding material. The weight loss feeder suitable scope including plastic granule, powder, calcium carbonate, talc powder, resin powder, flour, starch, which according to the different materials, we design two different scales, namely powder scale (solve feeder feeding liquidity is very poor), granular scales (to solve any possible problems of the bridge), is a very good solution to the existing problems in the production process.

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