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What are the advantages of our Feeder

Our loss in wight feeder with core technology and independent research and development strength, has rich experience in engineering application in many fields and industries, this weight loss feeder has the following unique features and advantages:
(1) a wide range of applications, granule, powder, calcium carbonate, talc powder, resin film products, flour, starch can be used;
(2) the weight loss feeder machine such as the original screw is easy to decompose, assembly is simple, easy to clean;
(3) the strength of technology, the German original technology and equipment, professional pre-sales, service team;
(4) under the stable performance, high precision, large range of transmission capacity of optional;
(5) 0.1% weight loss reached the static precision of the system type feeding machine; linear, repetitive dynamic accuracy reached 0.3%;
(6)  loss in weight control instrument with high precision gravity balance control instrument RWC-800CF, has advantages of high precision, strong anti-interference ability, good real-time performance and so on; sensor with high precision sensor module, sensor by laser welding, and has the advantages of high precision, good reliability, especially suitable for application in field conditions;
(7) weight loss feeder control system flexibility: the loss in weight control system can realize the manual and automatic control, feed and feed processing, can realize the manual and automatic conversion;

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