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Loss in weight feeder application


Application of Loss-in-weight-feeder

Batte specializes in designing and integrating both liquid and powder loss in weight feeder system for applications such as extrusion, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, food.

continuous loss in weight feeders Loss-in-Weight gravimetric feeders  is suitable for materials with varying bulk density and for material handling automation. It is the best choice for long term accuracy, repeatability and quality documentation, and where dust control is a concern.
Single screw Loss-in-Weight feeders (single screw feeder, single screw metering feeder) are used for pellets and free-flowing powders.
Twin screw loss-in-weight feeders (twin screw feeder, twin screw metering feeder) are most effective for pigments, sticky, bridging or flooding powders, fiberglass.
Microfeeder(single screw microfeeder, twin screw micro feeder) is suitable for Gravimetric feeding of free flowing to difficult powders (e.g. lumpy or bridge building materials) and micropellets. The weigh bridge is a sanitary version and is therefore suitable for quick and easy cleaning.
Liquid feederLiquid Loss-in-Weight Feeder )is available in special skid mounted designs which are completely portable for movement throughout the plant. 


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