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How to configure the melt blown polypropylene metering pump in the melt blown cloth production line

Zhengzhou Batte, as a high-tech enterprise specializing in providing meltblown production line equipment, in response to the internal demand for meltblown cloth production equipment, Zhengzhou Bart developed a meltblown production line in mid-February this year, meltblown PP metering pump and meltblown replacement The specific standard configuration of the screen can meet the production needs of melt blown cloth of different widths.

Standard configuration of metering melt pump and filter screen changer for melt blown cloth production line
Screw specifications Yield Meltblown cloth width Metering melt pump model  Filter screen changer model 
 Φ45  10-20kg/h  600mm  ZB-M-10CC  ZB-2MR-100
 Φ65  20-60kg/h  1200mm  ZB-M-20CC  ZB-2MR-120
 Φ90  60-100kg/h  1600mm  ZB-M-30CC  ZB-2MR-150
 Φ105  80-150kg/h  2400mm  ZB-M-50CC  ZB-2MR-175
 Φ120  150-200kg/h  3200mm  ZB-M-100CC  ZB-2MR-195

melt blown polypropylene metering pump
melt blown polypropylene metering pump

melt blown filer continuous screen changer
melt blown filter screen changer

The specific model of the melt blown PP metering pump provided by Zhengzhou Batte is ZB-M series, and the model of the melt blown screen changer provided is ZB-2MR series. The width of melt blown cloth suitable for production is 600mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 2400mm, 3200mm. The pump body of the melt blown metering pump is made of high temperature tool steel, the heating system is electric heating, and the seal adopts spiral seal and shaft end water cooling. The melt blown screen changer is made of special alloy materials through strict forging, surface heat treatment and precise metal processing technology; Zhengzhou Bart adopts high-quality heat treatment technology and strict quality control system to ensure the stability of the melt blown screen changer. And durability.

In the past few decades, Zhengzhou Batte has focused on the research and development and manufacturing of integrated solutions for screen changers and melt metering pumps required by plastics, chemical fiber, non-woven fabrics, and chemical industries. It is a large-scale extrusion industry in the industry. The designated supporting unit of the machine manufacturer. In recent years, Zhengzhou Bart has provided a large number of customized melt blown metering pumps for internal non-woven equipment manufacturing enterprises, which have the advantages of no pulsation, accurate measurement, and long life.

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