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Methods and Strategies to Improve the Service Life of High-temperature Melt Gear Pumps

Zhengzhou Batte has been committed to the R&D and production of melt gear pumps, providing complete melt conveying solutions, and providing auxiliary equipment for thousands of domestic plastic extrusion industries. This article is about how to effectively extend the service life of high-temperature melt gear pumps.

Because the pump housing of the high temperature gear pump runs at high temperatures, hinged rubber bearings must be provided on the pipe during hot installation to prevent the pipe from shifting after the temperature is raised. The coupling must be hot-aligned after the pump casing is heated to prevent excessive torque during operation. The working pressure measuring point of the pump inlet and outlet of the high-temperature melt pump should be set with an interlocking termination alarm. Otherwise, if the discharge pipeline is blocked, it is easy to cause the pump casing to be destroyed. When the high-temperature melt pump is started, when there is no working pressure at the inlet and outlet, it cannot blindly follow the wind and accelerate to avoid premature destruction of the shaft or rolling bearing. When cleaning and pipetting, do not transport the cleaning liquid with the pump. The internal parts should be removed and installed after the pipetting is completed to prevent dirt from leaking into the pump. The temperature of the heat medium jacket of the pump casing of the high-temperature melt pump can be slightly lower than the temperature of the heat medium of the front, rear, left, and right jackets.Increase the speed slowly, do not make the front and back pressure rise sharply, so as not to damage the bearing or block the lubrication channel by the melt.The melt filter behind the pump outlet should be replaced regularly, and do not run at high pressure or even the upper pressure limit for a long time.

high temperature melt blown cloth melt pump

Regular replacement of bearings can save maintenance costs. When it is found that the wear on the inner surface of the shaft or the bearing is close to the thickness of the hardened layer, the shaft can be polished and used again, and only the bearing is replaced, which can extend the life of the pump shaft by 8 to 10 years.In case of power failure or interruption of heat medium circulation for more than 30 minutes, the pump should be disassembled and cleaned and reassembled to avoid damage to the pump due to poor lubrication of the bearing due to melt solidification and cracking.

Gear pumps are ideal equipment for transporting high-viscosity liquids and have a wide range of applications. The above method suggestions can effectively extend the service life of high-temperature melt gear pumps, and also help improve the efficiency of melt delivery.

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