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Consider the integration of extruder and melt pump from three aspects

The extruder-melt pump unit has been used in the plastics processing industry for many years. In recent years, this type of unit has also begun to be used in the rubber industry. Compared with the extruder, the melt pump has a high pumping efficiency, so the energy dissipated into the rubber material is quite low, so that the temperature of the extruded rubber blank is very low. In this way, at a given high compound temperature, the use of an extruder-melt pump unit can achieve a higher output than a single-use extruder. For the integration of extruder and melt pump, the following three aspects need to be considered.

Power considerations

Because the melt pump works according to the principle of volume shaft feeding, the efficiency of the pump is extremely high, and the energy consumption in the input rubber is much smaller than that of the extruder that completes the same processing task. Therefore, the extruder-melt pump The power or torque required by the unit system is much lower than that of a traditional cold feed extruder. Therefore, an extruder equipped with a standard stationary power should also have a large torque margin for use. The newly developed extruder shaft makes use of these torque margins, so that unnecessary independent parking mechanisms (motors, gearboxes and control systems) may be removed.

The mechanical design goals of the new equipment

In addition to the above requirements such as the direct driving of the melt pump by the extruder screw and the strict accordance with the principle of volume transportation. The extruder must also be easy to install and disassemble. Since the electric motor, gearbox and control system used for the individual drive are removed, the whole set of equipment is naturally miniaturized.

Processing performance target

In addition to the requirement of working according to the principle of volume conveying, some processing requirements related to extruded rubber must also be met. In a traditional melt pump, the main rubber stream is divided into two substreams, which move along the cavity wall of the powder melt pump and merge on the high-pressure side. In order to obtain a better homogenization effect and further reduce the pressure pulse, the main rubber stream needs to be divided into multiple sub-streams, which then merge on the high-pressure side. This reduces the volume of the unit rubber, and the complete stretch flow of these unit rubbers has a positive effect on the homogenization of the rubber and the cooling of the rubber (which is often limited by heat transfer conditions). To learn more about equipment quotation or on-site case study, please consult

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