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Design of screen changing device for PP melt-blown material extruder

PP meltblown materials are mainly used in medical and health care, clean materials, thermal insulation and sound insulation cotton, oil-absorbing materials, battery separators, air filtration, and daily necessities, and the most important protective material masks, whether it is N95 or disposable masks, the main structure includes: The inner and outer spunbond layer (S layer) and the middle layer meltblown layer (M layer) are the heart part of the mask, and their main function is to block and absorb particles and droplets. The main material of the M layer is PP meltblown material, and its characteristics include high melt index, low molecular weight, high stability, low odor, and the formation of a high-strength web structure. Its main brands are distinguished by melt index. Most of the masks used are 1500 brands, with an average molecular weight of 50,000 to 80,000. The physical properties are almost the same as those of polypropylene plastic particles. The performance index includes melt index, molecular weight distribution, yellowness index, resistance aging time, etc.

dual pillar continuous screen changer

The whole set of meltblown equipment is mainly composed of feeding system, screw extruder, air supply device, filter device, metering pump, meltblown die head assembly, receiving device and coiling mechanism. In terms of filters, in order to avoid waste of downtime, it is best to choose a plunger type dual-station non-stop filter; the plunger type filter has high processing accuracy, is not easy to leak, and is well suited to the characteristics of low viscosity and good flowability of meltblown materials. ; The heating power of the filter should not be lower than the heating efficiency of the extrusion mechanism to save the holding time. In the discharge part of the extruder, the material is relatively special. Generally, the die with a single die mouth is selected, and the aperture is controlled at 2.8-3.5mm; the connection part between the discharge and the cooling water tank must ensure that the material flows out of the die mouth immediately into the water for cooling to ensure that Continuous strip and non-bonding.

In view of the production characteristics of polypropylene (PP) meltblown materials, batte provides a design scheme for a double-column pp continues screen changer device suitable for the extrusion production of PP melt-blown materials, and improves it in practical applications. For the double-column and four-station, it solves the problems of broken bars and material leakage when changing the screen, realizes the continuous extrusion production, and reduces the production cost.

pp continues screen changer

Batte provides a special screen changer for meltblown (two-column four-station screen changer), which has been supplying and supporting major domestic non-woven equipment for many years, with mature technology and stable quality; the meltblown screen changer adopts an integrated design to optimize the equipment space and energy consumption; it can realize non-stop melt blown screen changing operation; the main body of the meltblown pp extruder screen changer is made of special alloy materials through strict forging, surface heat treatment and precise metal processing; The quality control system ensures the stability and durability of the product. Compared with the previous screen changer, the special screen changer for melt blown has optimized the structure design, realizes the function of feeding and exhausting, and completely eliminates the melt pressure and pressure during the screen change process. temperature fluctuations.

double pillar screen changer

Configuration standard of meltblown screen changer (meltblown filter) in meltblown production line

Standard configuration of melt metering pump and meltblown filter (screen changer) in melt blown cloth production line
Screw specifications Output

Width of melt blown cloth Model of metering pump

Model of filter (screen changer)
Φ45 10-20kg/h 600mm ZB-M-10CC ZB-2MR-100
Φ65 20-60kg/h 1200mm ZB-M-20CC ZB-2MR-120
Φ90 60-100kg/h 1600mm ZB-M-30CC ZB-2MR-150
Φ105 80-150kg/h 2400mm ZB-M-50CC ZB-2MR-175
Φ120 150-200kg/h 3200mm ZB-M-100CC ZB-2MR-195

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