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batte extrusion board automatic screen changer

Extruded polystyrene foam board, referred to as extruded board, also known as XPS board. The main raw material used in the XPS foam sheet production line is new or recycled polystyrene (PS) particles, which usually need to be added with additives such as color masterbatch or flame retardant, and the mixed raw materials are fed to the first-stage extrusion unit for melting Plasticization and stirring, continuous injection of foaming agents (such as freon, butane and carbon dioxide CO2, etc.) and rapid mixing and pressure, and then extrusion through a hydraulic screen changer to filter out the impurities in the fluid polymer, and then the mixture It is pushed to the second-stage extruding unit, further fully mixed and cooled down. At this stage, the temperature and pressure of the polymer are precisely controlled, and then it is extruded into a mold with a specific flow channel. At this time, it is mixed in the polymer to maintain high pressure. The pressure of the foaming agent is released in an instant, and the foaming agent vaporizes to form many independent micro-bubbles, which are wrapped in polystyrene film bubbles, and then cooled and shaped to form a plate with a uniform cross-section and a closed-cell honeycomb shape, followed by a leveling unit. And traction conveyor rollers, and then through the cutting system to get a predetermined size of XPS extruded board, and finally stacking and packaging storage. The corner waste is recycled through the recycling granulator.

automatic extrusion board screen changer

The non-stop screen changer for extruded board is a self-locking multi-station structure with automatic positioning and guiding system. It is equipped with a new filter screen preheating in advance and an old filter screen dirt automatic discharge mechanism, which can achieve a specific rate when changing the screen. Super voltage stabilization and material temperature balance - no shutdown, no air leakage, no material leakage, no fluctuation, no noise, reduce melting weight, eliminate cracks and do not affect normal production (the size of the board remains unchanged). There are anti-corrosion screen changers specially used for the production of B1 and B2 extruded sheets. Especially suitable for the production of xps extruded board, pearl cotton and other products.

The continuous use of screen changers in the production of new materials can increase the plasticization and homogeneity of the melt, and is also a necessary guarantee for chemical quality. Although there are almost no impurities in the new materials, in actual production, the environment Factors such as impurities, impurities in transportation and work also exist, so installing a screen changer is also a necessary quality assurance. The use of recycled materials and scraps must be adopted in order to expand production capacity, reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase benefits.

Zhengzhou Batte is a professional non-stop hydraulic screen changer manufacturer, providing high-performance screen changer equipment. Welcome to the factory for reference and inspection. Provide professional screen changer equipment including: KT board, EPE pearl cotton special non-stop screen changer, pipe industry and special pipe special screen changer, PET, PVB products special screen changer, etc.

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