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Advantages of Melt Gear Pumps for Rubber Elastomer Extrusion

The melt gear pump for rubber elastomer is mainly used in the extrusion molding of rubber. Similar to the plastic melt gear pump, the rubber melt pump has a wide range of applications, especially in precision extrusion molding and There are obvious advantages in the filter process and calender feeding. The advantages of melt gear pumps for rubber elastomer extrusion are described in five aspects below.

1. By using the pressure, temperature and other information collected at the inlet and outlet of the rubber melt gear pump, the upstream and downstream equipment and the rubber elastomer melt gear pump work synchronously to realize online monitoring and feedback control of the entire extrusion process.

2. The rubber melt gear pump adopts a unique temperature control method, which can realize accurate temperature closed-loop control, strictly control the temperature of the rubber material within the set temperature range, prevent the rubber material from scorching, and realize low temperature extrusion.

3. The melt gear pump for rubber extrusion adopts a special structure, which can effectively prevent the leakage of the rubber material and realize self-cleaning.

rubber extruder melt gear pump

4. The rubber extrusion melt gear pump is meshed with a pair of displacement helical gears. The gear and the shaft are integrated. The gear shaft is made of high wear-resistant materials. The tooth surface is quenched by high frequency, and the surface hardness reaches HRC58-62. 6HK.

5. The feed port and discharge port of the rubber-elastomer melt gear pump adopt a unique design, so that the material can be fed into the gear pump smoothly, and it is not easy to generate retention and air pockets. The radial force on the gear shaft is reduced, which improves the bearing capacity. life.

The extruder equipped with the rubber-elastomer gear pump can be used for filtration, preheating, plasticizing and forming of rubber, extruding feed to the calender, and working with hot feed extruders, cold feed extruders and It is matched with a cold feed exhaust extruder for compound extrusion, conveying, traction belts, flat products, rubber hoses, rubber strips, inner tubes, wire and cable extrusion molding, rubber roller coating, and high-capacity casting molds for tire blanks. Filling, fully meet the needs of rubber extrusion process.

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