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PLA double column hydraulic screen changer

The double column main body and plunger of the double column hydraulic screen changer for PLA are made of alloy steel after heat treatment and nitriding treatment. After nitriding treatment of the flow passage, the mirror surface is polished, which shows that the roughness Ra ≤ 0.4 μ m. It is required to use more than 800 meshes of abrasive to polish to mirror level or above, with high finish and wear resistance.

double pillar screen changer

The double column screen changer for PLA degradable materials needs to strictly control the gap between the main body and the plunger, and excellent sealing and durability can be achieved through rigid material face to face sealing; The flow channel structure of PLA double column screen changer is designed in the form of double channel ellipse, which can achieve large filtering area and higher compression resistance; In normal production, when the filter screen is replaced by dual channel simultaneous filtering, one plunger is pushed out of the main body, and the filter screen is replaced. After the filter screen is drained, it returns to the working position immediately, and then the other plunger is replaced alternately, which solves the production interruption or hollow particles caused by the introduction of air during the screen change process.

plv double column screen changer

The PLA double column hydraulic screen changer is equipped with an operating handle to complete the screen change. The operator operates the control handle of the hydraulic station to alternately perform the basic operations for the upper and lower pistons of the screen changer: push out the plunger -- clean the bin -- replace the screen -- pull the plunger to the position of material drawing and exhaust -- completely pull the screen changer into the main body to the working position after the exhaust is completed; The electric control cabinet instrument transmits the temperature and pressure signals of the screen changer to the central console to ensure the stable production.

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