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Multi layer co extrusion blown film screen changer installation scheme

Multi layer co extrusion film blowing production refers to the co extrusion production mode of multiple extruders with more than two layers. It can also be divided into two modes: up blowing and down blowing. The down blowing mode is common on the packaging film, and the agricultural film is basically blown above. The screen changer is generally installed between the flange of the extruder barrel and the connecting flange of the mold. The bolt is fixed on the screw hole of the screen changer through the flange, and the host moves backward. Many film blowers are equipped with filter element type and manual screen changer. When installing the screen changer, the original screen changer is removed and the Bart plate type double station screen changer is selected. The pressure is 50MPA, the screen is changed without stopping the machine, and there is no material leakage. The majority of customers have widely recognized it.

single column screen changer

Because of the high production pressure of film blowing, the screen changer is easy to leak, so most customers are willing to use single column single station or dual station screen changer to avoid material leakage. The biggest advantage of the single column screen changer is that it has a high anti deformation coefficient, but it is impossible to change the screen without stopping the machine. The screen change is slow. Once the material is leaked, it is basically scrapped and cannot be repaired.

single plate screen changer

Batte single plate double station screen changer has high pressure bearing (50MPA pressure bearing), no material leakage, no need to stop the machine to change the screen, multi-layer co extrusion production screen change does not affect production, high cost performance, lower price than single column screen changer, convenient and fast screen change, less waste, which has been verified in large, medium and small film blowing production.

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