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Instructions for using the matching melt pump of the extruder

1. The extruder melt pump should be handled with care during transportation and storage. If it is not installed and used for a long time after arrival, the shaft seal should be cleaned again. When lifting the melt pump, lifting ring screws should be used.

2. Before installation, measure and adjust the concentricity between the pump seat and the motor drive shaft to ensure that the melt pump shaft rotates in the direction indicated during operation, otherwise it may cause input shaft fracture and pump body damage. The base of the extruder melt pump installation should be flat and have sufficient strength and rigidity. When the bolts are uniformly tightened, it should be ensured that the input shaft can rotate uniformly without jamming. The installation error of the universal joint should not exceed its allowable deviation value (≤ 10) to avoid causing additional force and shortening the life of the shaft. Apply even force when tightening the screws during installation.

polymer melt pump

3. The extruder melt pump undergoes strict trial operation inspection before delivery, and all indicators meet the requirements. It can be directly put into use after delivery. Regardless of the specifications of the melt pump, when starting and using the loading load, it should run at a low speed (around 5rpm) for a period of time. After each bearing is fully lubricated, it can be loaded and operated. Slowly increase the working pressure. When the overall operating condition is stable, the pump and the entire system can be gradually adjusted to normal process speed and pressure.

4. The extruder melt pump should be uniformly heated before operation, and the temperature should not exceed 120 ℃ per hour. Do not forcefully start the melt pump before the pump reaches operating temperature (Working temperature refers to the melting temperature of the materials used under on-site process conditions)

extrusion melt pump

5. For the extruder melt pump that adopts the filling material sealing form, the position of the sealing gland should be adjusted in a timely manner to ensure the best sealing state. For melt pumps using spiral sealing, if cooling water is required for auxiliary sealing, a 1/8 or 1/4 NPT joint should be installed on the spiral sealing component, and then a water source should be connected. For small displacement pumps, do not let the cooling water affect the heating of the pump body.


WhatsApp: +86 158 38331071

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