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What preparations should be made before installing the screen changer?

To ensure the normal operation of the screen changer, it is necessary to follow the steps during installation. There are also some preparations before installation. So, what is the pre installation work for installing the extruder screen changer?

1. Inspect components

After confirming that the packaging box is intact, open the packaging. Take out the random data package and check the components one by one according to the details on the packing list. If you have any questions, please contact our after-sales service department in a timely manner.

hydraulic screen changer

2. Verify installation dimensions

① Check whether the fitting dimensions of the inlet and outlet sub ports and positioning rings of the extruder screen changer are correct at the connection of the extruder, and whether the contact surfaces of each stop are flat.

② Check whether the size and center distance of the inlet and outlet connection holes of the extruder plate screen changer are correctly matched with the dimensions of the flange plate at the connection of the extruder.

③ Check if there is any impact on the position of the screen changer after installation, or if the screen changer affects other operations.

extrusion screen changer

3. Confirm the installation direction of the extruder screen changer

Unless otherwise specified, the side with a pressure detection hole is the direction of the feeding port of the extruder plate type screen changer (or can be judged based on the direction of the hydraulic cylinder nozzle, which is the direction of the feeding port of the screen changer). In special cases, we will indicate the direction of the material flow on the side of the screen changer. It is generally recommended to install the hydraulic cylinder vertically upwards.


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