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Effective method to reduce transmission noise of melt gear pump

More than one-third of the gear transmission noise of the melt gear pump comes from burrs and bumps, which is also a difficult problem to cure. Before assembling the gearbox, some manufacturers of melt gear pumps align a pair of meshing gears on a noise inspection machine to remove burrs and bumps. This is a very passive approach; the manufacturer of Bart melt gear pumps believes that it uses The following measures are more reasonable:

1. After the tooth is cut, it is completely transported by the station device.

2. For gear shaft parts, the gear hobbing part is immediately put on a plastic tube and then transferred to the next process, and shipped with the plastic tube.

3. After heat treatment, the cyanide parts are treated with liquid sandblasting.

4. Gear honing process for cyanide gears.

high gear melt pump

At present, it is controversial whether the gear honing process of the melt gear pump reduces the gear accuracy. However, as long as technological measures are taken, the gear accuracy can be maintained, the roughness of the tooth surface can be reduced, burrs can be reliably removed, and bumps can be prevented. Effectively reduce gear rotation noise. As for the entire transmission, during the assembly process, the operating procedures must be strictly implemented, and the assembly process requirements must be carefully implemented to avoid brutal assembly operations. Assembly is an important process that can affect the operation of the reducer. At present, there is still a certain gap between our domestic assembly process and foreign countries. Although there are some gaps in processing, the gap in assembly process is much larger. The same parts , Whether a good assembly can be achieved is directly related to the service life of the machine, such as the tightness of the thread, the clearance of the bearing, the meshing position of the gear, etc., all affect the normal operation of the machine. For this reason, we should pay great attention to it. . Correct and reasonable use and maintenance are the prerequisites for ensuring good operation. Lubricating oil can prevent direct contact between meshing tooth surfaces and has a damping effect, so it can reduce gear noise.

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