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Advantages of high temperature melt pump

The main function of the high-temperature melt pump is to pressurize the high-temperature plastic melt from the extruder, and then flow to the extruder head after the pressure is stabilized. Its melting pressure and flow rate performance are better than various extruders. Used in tandem with single-screw and co-rotating twin-screw extruders, it can greatly improve the efficiency of the production line. The main advantages of using high-temperature melt pumps are:

1. Reduce the dimensional tolerance of the extruded product to a smaller one, so that a unit weight of material can produce more products; when the dimensional tolerance of the extruded product is strict, or the raw material cost of the product is expensive, it is more necessary to use a melt pump And more valuable.

2. Co-rotating twin-screw extruder and high-temperature melt pump form a mixing extrusion granulation production line, and its mixing quality and output are significantly higher than that of a single-use twin-screw granulating unit. In the production process, the energy consumption per kilogram of raw materials can generally be reduced by about 25%.

3. Add a melt pump and extruder heads such as tubes, plates, and films to the original single-screw or co-rotating twin-screw pelletizing extruder, which can eliminate the pelletizing process and directly extrude the product. This system is very suitable for the occasions where the extruded products need to be mixed and modified. Shorten the production cycle and achieve the purpose of energy saving.

high temperature melt pump

4. A medium and small extruder can simultaneously feed a melt pump, and the melt pump is pressurized and fed to the die head to extrude large-scale products (large-caliber pipes, wide plates, films, etc.). The production line has a compact structure, a small footprint, accurate product cross-sectional dimensions, and easy control.

5. Equipped with a high-temperature melt pump on the single-screw exhaust extruder, the system can operate freely and has excellent performance. When the head pressure is high and the output is high, the extrusion volume can be adjusted arbitrarily, and there must be no material leakage.

Over the years, in the production of the plastics industry, many polymer production equipment have used melt pumps to assist extrusion to solve various key problems. The batte series melt pumps are matched with extruders to optimize the entire extrusion process . The extruder melts the polymer and makes it uniform, and the batte melt pump provides the required pressure, which reduces the work of the extruder, thereby reducing the shear heat and the required torque, and eliminating fluctuations, all of which are optimized The performance of the extruder.

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