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Analysis and Introduction of Packing Material of Melt Pump Packing Seal

The common sealing forms of melt pumps are divided into five types: 1. Pure stuffing box seal; 2. Spiral + cold water ring seal; 3. Spiral + packing seal; 4. Three-layer combined seal; 5. Mechanical seal. In actual production applications, packing seals are usually used in combination with other seals, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of material leakage in the melt pump. For the packing material of the packing, the specific analysis and explanation are as follows:

1. PTFE packing

The main material is PTFE split fiber, which is woven and impregnated with special lubricant. It has excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high mechanical strength, and has the characteristics of self-lubricating, small friction coefficient, and small torque. Suitable for corrosive chemicals, concentrated nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, strong alkalis, etc. Used in the sealing of industrial equipment such as petroleum, chemical industry, papermaking, electric power, printing and dyeing, etc.

PTFE packing

2. Graphite packing

It is woven with flexible graphite thread through the core. It has good self-lubrication and thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient, and has the advantages of protecting the shaft. Suitable for acid, alkali, ammonia, organic solvents, cryogenic liquids, chemicals and other media. Used in equipment and installations in petroleum, power generation, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Graphite packing

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