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China Batte analyzes the performance of the continuous screen changer of the extruder

China Batte optimized the new-generation extruder continuous screen changer to meet the extrusion production requirements of all polymers. It produces uninterrupted screen changing process and will not cause obvious fluctuations in the production of the extruder. Batte's new generation of screen changers have been improved in terms of quality and performance.

extruder continuous screen changer

The structure of the screen changer of the extruder includes: a screen changer shell with a cavity inside and a screen changer cone set at one end of the screen changer shell. The screen changer shell is provided with a discharge port and a feed port, The cone sleeve of the screen changer is provided with an inner cavity and a feed opening corresponding to the discharge port. A filter is arranged inside the cavity. One end of the filter is arranged in the inner cavity, and the other end of the filter is arranged There is a filter diverter. Through the above method, the utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, low production cost and low failure rate.

China Batte is a professional non-stop hydraulic screen changer manufacturer, providing high-performance screen changer equipment. Welcome to visit the factory for reference. Provide professional screen changer including: KT board, EPE pearl cotton special non-stop screen changer, pipe industry and special pipe special screen changer, PET, PVB products special screen changer, etc.

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