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Application field of mesh belt type automatic screen changer

The screen changer provided by Zhengzhou Batte has gone from the initial manual screen changer and the plate type quick screen changer to the plate type continuous screen changer, single and double column continuous screen changer, double column large area filter cartridge screen changer, etc. Many types. In recent years, double-column backflush and mesh belt type automatic screen changers have been developed one after another.

mesh belt type automatic screen changer

At the 2018 Chinaplas, Zhengzhou Batte exhibited a mesh belt continuous screen changer, which includes a 10-meter or 20-meter-long filter belt, which relies on a pressure-activated driving device to automatically control the screen change. Its advantages Because there is no fluctuation in the material flow during the screen changing process, and the product has no deformation, it is especially suitable for the production of various films, plates, sheets, optical fibers, wire drawing, granulation and other long process products. The important significance of the mesh belt automatic screen changer is its automation capability. At the exhibition, it attracted the attention of foreign customers who have high labor costs and urgent needs for automation. The starting point of Zhengzhou Batte's research and development of products is not the supporting host customers, but the end users, and they must try their best to meet their demands for labor saving, consumable saving, time saving, and energy saving. Being good at listening to users' needs, helping users to do better, also indirectly promoted Zhengzhou Batte's research and development work.

mesh belt screen changer control System for extrusion

Zhengzhou Batte provides customers with stable and reliable melt filtration solutions:

1. Blending and granulating solutions of various high-performance engineering plastics;

2. High-precision chemical fiber masterbatch;

3. High-performance melting of sheets and films Body filtration and transportation;

4. High-performance pipes;

5. Large-volume, high-precision recycling and granulation melt filtration solutions;

6. XPS foam board special solutions;

7. Various other customized solutions (high temperature, high pressure, high /Processing of low-viscosity and highly corrosive materials).

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