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melt pump bearings

As one of the manufacturers of elastomer extrusion melt pumps, thermoplastic extrusion pumps, industrial polymer gear pumps, chemical melt metering pumps and polymer melt pumps in China, Batte has more than 20 years of experience and specializes in providing melt transfer solutions. Extrusion melt pump is a gear pump for pressurized conveying of polymers, chemicals, lubricating oils, and plastic polymers.

sliding bearing

Bearings are one of the core components of gear melt pumps. The selection and design of bearing materials are very particular to ensure the efficiency and stable operation of the pump. Usually plain bearings are used in gear pumps. In this type of bearing, the inner diameter is slightly larger than the inner shaft diameter. The conveyed medium flows into the bearing through the lubrication groove and builds up a lubricating oil film in the bearing. The shaft floats and rotates in bearings. To lubricate the bearing through the material, it must be ensured that there is material between the shaft and the bearing, otherwise it will cause damage to the shaft and the bearing. This damage is usually irreparable and results in the need to replace shafts and bearings.

1. Sliding bearings

When the sliding bearing is in operation, friction will occur due to the contact between the journal and the bearing bush, which will cause the surface to heat up, wear and even "seize". Therefore, when designing the bearing, the sliding bearing material with good friction reduction should be used to make the bearing bush, and suitable lubricants And adopt suitable supply methods, improve the structure of the bearing to obtain thick film lubrication, etc.

melt pump in rubber extruder

2. Ring bearing

Ring bearings are used for higher pressures on the suction side, with the shaft extending from both sides. During start-up, pressure may be exerted on the friction bearing from behind through the bushing balance hole to prevent a possible braking effect on the gears. The bearing is supported in the housing groove by the collar and cannot be pressed against the gear. Ring bearings can also be used if they are larger pumps.

3. Roller bearing

Sealed roller bearings are used for complex requirements. Roller bearings can be used both as lubricated hybrid bearings (metal + ceramic) and as sealed bearing units with shaft protection sleeves, e.g. for rubber solutions (medium viscosity ~15Pas) for flushing with dilute solvents. High temperature melt pump manufacturer

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