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Application of mesh belt automatic screen changer

The mesh belt filtration automatic screen changer (mesh belt screen changer) is composed of a mat-type contrast mesh belt, a filter mesh box, an inlet cooling section, a main body flow passage connecting section, an outlet cooling section and an electronic control system. It adopts water-cooled sealing and uses melt pressure or time to control the movement of the net. When the pressure or time reaches the set value, the control system automatically starts the heating device at the outlet end. After reaching the set temperature, the filter mesh belt is brought out together with the impurity waste in the melt under the pressure of the melt itself. When the melt pressure drops to the normal working value, the control system automatically stops heating, the outlet end is water-cooled, solidified and sealed, and the netting process is automatically completed. The mesh change is fully automated, no manual operation is required, the mesh belt moves smoothly, the distance is small, and the material pressure and flow are not fluctuated, which truly realizes constant pressure production.

continuous belt screen changer

At the 2018 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition, Zhengzhou Batte exhibited a mesh belt-type automatic screen changer, which includes a 10-meter or 20-meter long filter mesh belt, which relies on a pressure-activated drive device to automatically control the mesh change. Its advantages are that There is no fluctuation in the material flow during the screen changing process and no deformation of the product. It is suitable for processing various plastic melt polymers such as PP, PE, ABS, PS, PMMA, etc. It is widely used in various films, cast films, sheets, sheets, optical fibers, etc. Production of long-process products such as wire drawing and granulation.

mesh belt filter screen changer plastic extrusio

Zhengzhou Batte provides stable and reliable melt filtration solutions for our customers:

1. Blending granulation solutions of various high-performance engineering plastics;

2. High-precision chemical fiber grade masterbatch;

3. Sheet and membrane high-performance melt filtration and transportation;

4. High-performance pipes;

5. Large output and high precision recycling granulation melt filtration scheme;

6. Special solution for XPS foam board;

7. Various other customized solutions (processing of high temperature, high pressure, high/low viscosity, highly corrosive materials).

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