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How to calculate the speed, output and efficiency of the melt pump?

1. Extrusion melt pump speed per minute: RPM=n*f1/50/i; n is the rated speed of the motor; f1 is the frequency of the inverter; i is the speed ratio of the reducer.

Example: The rated speed n of the 4-level motor is 1450rpm, when the frequency f1 of the inverter is 30HZ, and the speed ratio i is 29. Melt pump speed per minute = 1450*30/50/29=30rpm

chemical gear melt pump

2. The hourly output of the gear melt pump: KG/H=CC*rpm*60*ρ/1000; CC is the displacement of the polymer melt pump; rpm is the rotational speed of hot melt pump per minute; ρ is the melt density.

Example: 100CC melt pump (the displacement per revolution of the melt pump is 100ml), the dosing melt pump speed is 30 rpm, and the material density is 1. The hourly output of the 100CC melt pump = 100*30*60*1 /1000=180KG/H.

extruder plastic melt pump


3. The efficiency of the polymer gear melt pump refers to the percentage obtained by dividing the one-hour output in the actual production process by the theoretical one-hour output and then multiplying it by 100%. The melt pump provided by Zhengzhou Batte melt pump manufacturer has an efficiency of more than 90%. If the actual efficiency is higher than 90% (324kg/hour), the pump is very good. If the efficiency is 80-90% (288-324kg/hour), the pump is less efficient, then you look at the cause of the deterioration. If the efficiency is 70-80% (252-288kg/hour), the melt pump cannot run well. If the efficiency is less than 70% (252kg/hour), there is already a lot of backflow in the pump; then the better solution at this time is to disassemble the pump and repair or replace it with a new one. Repairs include reassembly of gears, sanding of sealed surfaces and overall replacement.

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