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Why do melt gear pumps use helical gears?

The melt gear pump is an equipment that provides processing services for industrial production, so its components also need to have durable performance to ensure the stable operation of the melt pump. Especially gears, because the speed of rotation of gears during operation is very high, so the selection of gears also requires special care. So why do many companies like to choose helical gears?

high temperature melt pump

In fact, the purpose of choosing helical gears is mainly because during operation, pressure fluctuations will interfere with the operation of the gears, so choosing helical gears can reduce the interference of pressure fluctuations on the gears. At the same time, the helical gear has a very big advantage, that is, it can achieve the purpose of self-cleaning. For this reason, when manufacturers design gears, they deliberately design helical gears, but they have ulterior motives. Because if the angle of the gear is not properly designed, it will cause friction between the gear and the radial groove, and once this friction is very large, it is prone to the phenomenon of scraping. People know that if the gear of the melt gear pump is scratched, it will inevitably cause a gear failure and affect the normal use of the melt gear pump in the later stage, so it is designed as a helical gear.

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In short, the size and size of the gears are strictly checked by the manufacturer. If the size and size of the gears are not properly designed, it will cause problems such as deformation and even gaps. Then the gear is no longer the beneficial assistant of the melt pump, but will become various burdens of the melt gear pump, interfering with the normal use of the melt gear pump. Therefore, the design of gears is a very critical work link, and it must be designed in combination with the actual use environment.

polymer melt pump

Zhengzhou Batte is familiar with the extrusion process of various plastic and rubber materials, and has many experience in the application of melt pumps in extrusion systems. A variety of melt gear metering pumps used in extrusion systems such as rubber preforming, which are widely used in various polymer materials.

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