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Installation quality standard of shaft seal of reactor melt gear pump

The shaft seal of the melt gear pump matched with the reaction kettle adopts packing seal; For the quality standard of installing the packing seal, the manufacturer of Zhengzhou Butter melt pump gives an overview from the following four aspects.

reactor melt gear pump

1. For the reaction kettle gear pump with packing seal, the radial clearance between the packing gland and the shaft is 0.4~0.5mm, and the circumferential clearance is uniform, which is the primary condition to ensure that the reaction kettle gear pump will not leak during use.

2. The packing size is correct, the incision is parallel, neat and free of looseness, and the interface is at a 30 ° angle with the axis line.

3. When the shaft seal of the melt gear pump of the reaction kettle is used to press the packing, the interfaces of each ring of packing must be staggered, and generally the interfaces are staggered by 120 °. The packing should not be pressed too tightly.

reactor kettle melt pump

4. After the installation of the mechanical seal components of the melt gear pump of the reaction kettle, it can be qualified only after the 0.2MPa pressure test for 30 minutes.

Batte ZB-F reactor kettle melt gear pump

Zhengzhou Batte Melt Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional melt gear pump manufacturer integrating R&D and production. He has accumulated rich experience in rubber and plastic industry. The working principle, performance optimization, equipment structure optimization, control technology and other aspects of the melt gear pump have been continuously studied, and considerable achievements have been achieved, which has been recognized by users.

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